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Cassetta Vintage Eco DesignCassetta Vintage Eco Design

Cassetta tavolino organizer vintage 40x20x40

SKU: prot_011522vintage

Prodotto fatto a mano da artigiani Italiani
€ 164,70
€ 123,53
10 giorni
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Cassetta Fruit in riedizione Vintage, uno splendido complemento d'arredo in legno realizzato completamente dai nostri abili artigiani. La posizione  e l'uitlizzo di questo oggetto è vario, dal tavolino da salotto ad un organizer da ingresso, si adatta a molti ambienti e usi. E' possibile aggiungere una scritta personalizzata, contattaci per maggiori informazioni in merito.

Misure: 40x20x40 cm

Password ECO DESIGN rigorously Italian. We look constantly for material to be reusd in the sector Design and Furniture. For this reason, we produce with our artisans only furnishing and accessories using recycled materials, that now would have been thrown in the trash or simply sobered because they are no longer usable. Wood has always been one of the natural raw materials that often is not taken much into account. You think it is an eternal material, but it isn't! Each year the florests deforestation becomes more and more frequent and destructive. How many times we see wooden axles and waste material thrown in the trash? Why can't we reuse it? Our objective is to revitalise wasted materials, adjusting them and manufacturing new object and design products. We try then to revitalise them in our houses and contribuite to promote respect for the environment. Each product made by us is unique and original. We never manufacturethe same item. We always introduce a peculiar detail in order to make our work unique. The pictures that are published are just reresentative; the objects tend to present variations concerning size and colour, since they are not mass-produced items.


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Spedizione xlab design

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